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The most reliable service of our type in the region...by miles! 
100% punctuality assured! 
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Frequently asked questions;


Q. Can we drink on the bus?

A. If you are prepared to pay £30 on top of your bill, yes! The vehicle was clean when you got on but because not everybody is respectful, the bus wont be clean when you get back off.


Q. Can you do extra drops?

A. That depends. Drops are often very contentious. People often fall out with companies like us over drops, that is why not many do them. We are happy to do drops but only if they are booked drops. Booked means booked with the office by the customer. The basic position is...

  If it was booked in advance, it will be done. If it was dropped on us on the night, there might not be time before the vehicles next job. If there is, it will be charged at the rate and you'll be asked if you agree to the charge.


Q. How long will you wait for us?

A. We'll wait 15 minutes. If you are not at your pick up point, we'll leave unless waiting time is agreed (and the driver actually has the time to wait).


Q. How does your driver know that we have drops booked with the office?

A. We use an electronic booking system ( www.digitalpsv.co.uk ) that links our drivers PDA directly to the office computer. If it was agreed when it was booked, it will be on his PDA. If its not on his PDA, it means it wasnt booked and might not be done without a charge.

Q. Will my female friends be safe having drops with you?

A. Yes, we have CCTV inside the vehicle that records every action and sound. The effect is that we can protect both your female friends and our driver. The true facts of the night can be shown.

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