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Terms & Conditions

1.        If we agree to take on work on your behalf, we agree to be there on time, in a clean and suitable vehicle and with correct and legally qualified persons for the job.

2.       There is a soiling charge of £60 in the event of anyone being sick or leaving the vehicle in an un-fit state to carry out further planned journeys. If the person / people who are actually sick or responsible for the problem are not identified for some reason, the person booking the minibus will be responsible for the costs of cleaning up the soiling/sick. 

3.        We can only be on time for you if you are on time for us. We can only promise a 15 minute window before we might be forced into leaving. If your group is not within 15 minutes of your agreed time slot, we reserve the right to charge for the waiting time or leave you entirely as we are likely to have other people that are relying on us to be on time for.

4.      The driver has the right to eject any persons not behaving in accordance with a ‘reasonableness’ subjective test of the driver. If the driver feels at all unsafe at any time, the driver can eject any person/people without notice.

5.      The driver also has the right to terminate your agreement without notice for any reason where the driver feels likely to be, or has been, assaulted either verbally or physically.

6.    It is the responsibility of the person booking to ensure that members of your group behave throughout the minibus journey. The driver is not expected to confront any group member. The driver will approach the person booking the trip and will expect you to deal with any situations arising where necessary.


7.    The driver is working under instructions given at the time of booking. The driver is aware of all material pick up and drop offs. Should a drop materialise that does not appear on their instructions, the driver is (at his discretion) allowed to charge for the drop at a rate of £3.50 per mile. This is discretionary and may not be possible where there is work immediately after your job is meant to finish. If it is not possible, we are sorry but it should have been disclosed at the time of booking.

8.     If we provide a personal number of our driver for your convenience, you must inform your driver if things start to go ‘wrong’. If there is delay, please tell us. We may have to charge you if we cannot work round the delay. 

9.    We reserve the right to subcontract any works we agree to perform but if we do subcontract, we agree to be liable for the satisfactory performance of the subcontracting. 

10.    Whilst we endeavour to be on time for your job, we accept no liability if any delay is caused by forces beyond our control, for example (but not restricted to) motorway traffic following a collision. 

11.   Any damage caused to any part of the vehicle by any person or persons in your party is chargeable to the person booking the job in accordance with civil liability and we will not hesitate to seek legal action against anyone found to be causing damage to any of our vehicles.  

12.  We actively use in-vehicle CCTV for our passengers protection and for the drivers protection. We mayuse any footage gathered during your trip for the purpose of legal proceedings, civil or criminal.

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